“St. Mary’s Preschool is a hidden a gem in the Financial District/Chinatown in San Francisco.  It provides a safe and warm environment that kids can thrive and has great community. Teachers work hard and are committed. We are very happy with St. Mary’s Preschool and my son loves his school.”

“Our son has been at St. Mary’s for a year now, and we absolutely love the teaching approach, loving environment, and experience of the teaching staff at St. Mary’s.  It is magical to see the Montessori approach in action — the classroom is always in a calm, happy state, with students focused on “learning jobs” or any number of the other learning stations in our modern, well-designed preschool classroom.  The experience of the faculty shines in little practical things, like ensuring all children wash their hands as their first job of the day and learn to cough into their elbow, etc., which has really helped keep the environment clean and full of healthy children.  The teaching staff have great working relationships and it’s great to see how much they enjoy both their roles in the early education of our children, as well as working together as a team.”
~Kevin and Megumi

“We were literally waiting at the door for St Mary’s Preschool to open in 2015 and our then 3-year-old daughter Saoirse was one of the first students to enroll. She has loved it and we have loved it since day one, and we all cherish the time she gets to spend with Ms Pey, Miss Jenny, Miss Lorelei and Joey each day.

The teachers have encouraged Saoirse to develop into a confident and articulate individual, and they have instilled wonderful values like sharing, being responsible for her things, tidying up and looking out for the well being of others. Her Mandarin is amazing, especially considering she does not naturally get to speak any at home, and she appears to be able to read in Chinese almost before she can read in English.

We trust all the staff at St Mary’s implicitly and would not hesitate to recommend this incredible place to anyone – whether you are interested in Chinese or not. The caring and nurturing school, with an incredibly varied curriculum to challenge and inspire, is such a joyful, warm, hygienic secure and fun place that we smile every time we drop Saoirse off and see her start to go about her daily jobs with her friends: washing her hands, selecting what activity to do, getting ready for circle time, eating her snack and listening to stories.

In addition to the incredible teaching staff and management, the other parents have developed a real sense of community in such a short time; St Mary’s was the perfect choice for us and we are privileged to be part of the wonderful Preschool family.”
~Ben and Oonagh

Just wanted to send you a note to let you know how happy I am to have California in your school. Watching her become the inquisitive, cooperative young lady she’s becoming, I have to give you and your staff so much credit for helping shape her. Sometimes in the morning it’s hard to wake her up and get her going, but by the time we get to school, she always runs in the door with a smile on her face. It’s such a blessing knowing we have a safe, inspiring environment for her to spend her days during the week and we’re looking forward to her having another year before she starts kindergarten- she (and my wife and I) have benefitted so much from St Mary’s.

Parent Testimonials