St Mary’s Preschool Philosophy

A child’s foundation at preschool age is utterly crucial for developing their senses. An extraordinary formula such as Montessori is set up for these children, while it’s up to the educators to keep it alive. This formula is unique and kept at a consistent rate of teaching the Montessori Method requires the instructors to study each child’s characteristics and create tools for them to advance onto the next level. The environment around the classroom will be planned with a designed curriculum and materials to prepare the child for the future.

Child-centered Curriculum
St. Mary’s Preschool’s child-centered curriculum is founded on a deep respect for each child’s individual learning pace and developmental readiness. As such, our learning activities are specifically designed to fit children’s needs and interests. While our teachers are there to support and facilitate students’ learning, we also encourage students to develop autonomy and direct their own learning through exploration.

Research-based Practices
St. Mary’s Preschool adheres to developmentally appropriate practices that are based on up-to-date educational and psychological research. We constantly strive to anticipate the changing needs of our students and to develop new teaching strategies, lessons, and individualized support to meet these needs. Our teachers balance academic goals with an awareness of each student’s cognitive and physical readiness.

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