COVID-19 Facility Video/Photo Updates

Hello families! We miss having children in our school! It’s almost time to reopen. We still have a lot to do, but let us show you what we have been up to…

We have divided the classroom into 4 areas. Our students will remain in the same group throughout the pandemic. This video is showing how we have separated the areas.

[Song: Senrie Oe, “Togetherness”]

We needed to add dividers in between the areas; we chose a light color to brighten the mood.

[Song: Gloria Estefan, “Put Your Mask On!”]

This is our school so far. It has been sanitized, reorganized, restructured, and it is very different than what our little friends are used to. Perhaps watching these videos can help them get used to the idea of change before returning to school. (By the way, the small room with only a table and minimal materials is the quarantine room. It is ready in case someone exhibits symptoms while in the facility. Everyone will be screened upon arrival and have their temperature checked.)

[Song: Alicia Keys, “My House”]

The world is chaotic lately… As director, I began working at St. Mary’s Preschool during the pandemic, and I couldn’t ask for a more supportive staff. We have made all of the decisions for the preschool as a team. We have had this time together to bond, get to know each other, exchange ideas, plan, and implement actions. I am confident that we will be ready to reopen when the time comes and I am looking forward to meeting all of the families.

[Song: Justin Bieber, Michael Bublé, Sarah McLachlan and more, “Lean on Me”]

Ms. Mitzy’s video for families:

Please click the link to watch an uplifting video. It is about life in a pandemic and sends a beautiful message.

One Republic, “Better Days”

There will be more updates coming. We will soon post a video showing how families will arrive, sign-in/out, how the children’s day will be, and more. Stay tuned! Stay safe! Stay clean!