August Zoom Sessions

St. Mary’s Preschool is offering Zoom sessions in August. Our teachers have prepped activities and supplies in conjunction with their fun lessons. Children do not need to be enrolled in the program to join the Zoom sessions. Please email if interested.

Some of the activities and games included with our sessions:

We also include supplies for crafts and activities.

Our teachers have been working hard to prep these activities for their students.

We are just about ready to send these materials out. There have been many changes happening frequently and we are adapting to these changes. We apologize for any inconveniences due to the delay of setting up our online sessions for August; we were planning to reopen. We will continue to accept children during the month of August for our Zoom sessions.

We project to reopen in September, given that conditions improve. Once we are reopen, we plan to continue with a hybrid program, combining in-person and online schooling until our facility begins to fill up. We will email families and keep them updated with any changes. Thank you.